SPFSC Director of Coaching - Andy Pearce!



The Executive Committee is excited to introduce to you the first-ever SPF Soccer Club - Director of Coaching:   Andrew "Andy" Pearce!  If you'd like to congratulate Andy right now, connect with him at his brand-spanking-new email address:  DirectorofCoaching@SPFSoccer.com


The truth is, this decision could've been based only on Andy's extensive soccer knowledge and proven training abilities, however this was just the starting point.  Andy's lifelong dedication to the sport of soccer is only surpassed by his absolute and enduring commitment to our SPF Soccer Club for the past 12+ years!  Still, even that wasn't the deciding factor.  The pinnacle of this decision was how Andy's future vision of our club's future aligns so closely with our own.  That was it!  Andy has a full grasp of where we are today and a crystal clear vision of where we need to go.  We are so very proud to have Andy as the new soccer leader of our club, and we look forward to continuing to work with him in this new capacity on our shared mission to make SPF "The Best Public Soccer Club in New Jersey!"

Andy has been around our club for a long time and although he has always offered a helping hand wherever it was needed, he has worked primarily with the Travel and Diamond Academy Programs during his tenure at SPFSC.  Going forward, he will take a more active role in supporting the Junior and Senior Rec programs, to ensure their needs are met and resources are allocated.


Want to learn more about Andy?  Here goes...

Andy is originally from Scotland.  He moved to New Jersey in 2007 and has coached in SPF Soccer Club ever since. Having started in the country with an organization called USA Soccer, Andy’s background was in Human Resources and Recruitment - an area he sees being key in this new role - where staff training and education was a staple of his position.

Having obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Studies with Development from the University of Aberdeen, he continued his coaching education in Scotland and the US, obtaining his USC Director of Coaching Diploma, Coach Developer Diploma, along with numerous licenses from the SFA, UEFA, USSF and US Futsal.

For his playing background, Andy grew up on the small Isle of Skye, before moving to Australia in 2002 where he played for Northern Rangers in the Tasmanian NPL. Moving back to Scotland in 2003, his career continued with Brora Rangers in the Scottish Highland League.  When you get a chance to see him on the field, you'll realize he hasn't let his skills go stale.

Having spent the last 3.5 years as SPF Soccer's "Travel" Director of Coaching, Andy is excited to begin his new role as the Club DoC.

The opportunity to continue to work for this fantastic club is something that I’m truly excited about. With nearly 2,000 players across all programs and over 150 volunteers and paid trainers, I see a huge opportunity to develop the training provision here at SPFSC.

This is a club that is passionate about soccer, and the opportunity to provide programs that match the desire of the community from the youngest players in our club through to the highest level is something that I’m truly excited about

Congratulations Andy!  We'll see you on the field.