Scotch Plains Fanwood Soccer Club Refund Policy


Travel Soccer Program

Travel Player Deposits, Training and Tuition Fees.

SPFSC travel team formation takes place during a window of time when many other clubs are also holding tryouts and making team formation decisions. This is a competitive program, and as such, there are usually more players seeking a place on travel rosters than there are available roster spots. Therefore, the travel team formation process may require that we decline to offer some players a roster spot. The moment a player accepts an offer, and teams are formed, SPFSC incurs certain sunk costs on behalf of the player and the forming travel team, which are not recoverable by the club.   Therefore, any deposit is non-refundable after it is made..

Because of the fact that travel soccer teams are formed in the Spring for the upcoming Fall season, families who wish to remove a player from the travel program are still obligated to pay their full financial commitment. In the event that a player has a change of heart after acceptance, SPFSC will not refund any monies under any circumstance, and, in order to bring the relationship to a timely conclusion, will charge all outstanding monies in full, no later than 10 (ten) days of the family notifying club of their intent to leave SPFSC, during which time player cards will also be returned, canceled or released, and the players will be removed from team rosters allowing all parties to pursue alternate opportunities with all obligations met.

While we understand this may seem extreme, SPFSC is disclosing this in writing up front to allow families to carefully review it prior to accepting offers and making a commitment. .

In accepting a place on an SPFSC travel team, the family recognizes that the team is run as part of the SPFSC travel program as a whole. These decisions are made not only by the team’s coach/trainer, but also with the Director of Coaching, the Travel Program VP and the SPFSC Board of Directors.  As such, any decisions related to the team, including the trainer assigned, the leagues/tournament the team participate in, the number of players on a roster, the players that are offered to a team, the positions the players play, the amount of time the players play are made by the trainer, the Director of Coaching and the Travel Program VP are not open to debate by families, and are not considered valid reasons for a player to request a release and be given any refund.

Junior Recreation, Senior Recreation and Diamond Academy Programs

Participants may request a full refund of their program fees up until one week prior to the start of the season.  After such date, no refunds, partial or full, will be made to players who choose not to participate for any reason, or players who are suspended from the program due to a disciplinary action. The reason for not granting a refund after that date, is that in most cases we had to reject children from the waitlist in order to secure your child's spot on the roster. If we are able to fill your child's roster spot, then we'll accommodate a full refund in the final week. The only exceptions to this policy are (i) if a player suffers a season ending injury (doctor’s note required), (ii) there is a lack of an appropriate team for the participant, or (iii) a family relocates out of the area during the season (proof of residency may be requested).  In such cases, the Board, in its sole and final discretion, will consider a pro-rated refund (less a $45 administrative fee for Senior Rec & Junior Rec, and a $100 administrative fee for Diamond Academy, which covers certain fixed costs of the program) depending on the specific circumstances.  All refund requests must be made in writing to the appropriate SPFSC representative as follows:

Junior Recreation -

Senior Recreation –

Diamond Academy -

Recreational Camps & Clinics

Because of the advance planning and staffing that goes into each recreational camp and clinic, SPFSC has a stringent refund policy.  Participants may request a full refund up to 10 days in advance of the program start date.  Any cancellations after that date are non-refundable.  The only exception to this policy is if a player suffers an injury that prevents them from being able to participate in the entire camp/clinic.  In such cases, the Board, in its sole and final discretion, will consider a pro-rated refund (less a 5% administrative fee) depending on the specific circumstances.  All refund requests must be made in writing to and include a doctor’s note evidencing the injury diagnosis.

In the event of a voluntary cancellation by SPFSC of all or a portion of a camp/clinic (i.e., due to inclement weather) and such cancellation is not made up, a partial refund will be granted to participants.  The SPFSC, in it sole and final discretion, will provide such refund in either the form of original payment or as a credit towards a future SPFSC program.