Scotch Plains Fanwood Soccer Club Parent/Guardian Expectations & Resources

You, as a SPFSC Parent/Guardian, are an integral part of how SPFSC succeeds.  At the end of the day, SPFSC wants to ensure that our children develop healthy habits, gain valuable life skills, and develop a life-long love of soccer.  Engagement and partnership with SPFSC is critical to achieve this goal.

You as parents have free access to the Soccer Parent Resource Center, which provides all our members with interesting and educational materials. Simply click on the logo on the right, register for free and tap into the various resources available to you.


In addition, it is important that parents/guardians observe the following guidelines outlined by the Club and Leagues we are members of.


As a parent, you should:

  • Enjoy the game/practice;
  • Cheer on ALL players before, during, and most importantly, on the car ride home;
  • Respect referees and accept their decisions;
  • Support the coach, manager and the team; Foster an environment focused on development, enjoyment, and good sportsmanship;
  • Nurture independence and responsibility in your player (have them pack their own gear, communicate issues/concerns directly with the coach, take responsibility for play and not blame others, etc.);
  • Volunteer services and talents to the team and SPFSC when possible
  • Familiarize yourself with the Rules and Principles of the Game;


It is also important that you don't coach from the sidelines.  No matter how good your intentions are, shouting anything beyond support and positive encouragement from the sidelines as a spectator does more harm than good for all players on the field, but especially for your child. You trying to provide direction from the sideline is distracting and counter-productive to the players, potentially embarrassing to your child, and possibly conflicting with the direction from your child's coach.


Most important to note, perhaps, is that during the duration of games and practices, spectators are expected to be situated on the opposite side of the field from the coaches and players, and are not permitted to approach the referees, coaches and/or players unless directed by a coach or official for medical reasons. Under no circumstances should anyone other than a player, coach and referees be on the field of play during a game or practice.


Any individual, outside players and coaches, who enter the field of play during a game or practice, or any individual who makes threatening gestures, physical contact or uses threatening language to players (including their own child), coaches, referees, other spectators or SPFSC officials either during or outside SPFSC-related events, is subject to temporary or permanent ban in accordance with the SPFSC Discipline Policy.