Goal Keeper Training

SPFSC is Bringing Back Goal Keeper Training

SPFSC is hosting their annual goalkeeper sessions run by our resident goalkeeper trainers, Christine Davis, Marc Stiffler, Paul Blodgett and Mike Walch. These accomplished keepers have been providing this invaluable free service for the purpose of giving back to the community for years. With all of the time kids spend in their electronic devices, it would be a shame to miss out on this opportunity. The club would like every player to play the position at U9 and U10 for a host of reasons. From U11 onwards, players can begin to focus on the position more, whether they play part time or full time. ALL SPFSC players are welcome and encouraged to attend.


The purpose of these sessions is to provide ongoing development for any player in the club who has ever played the position. Even if your child has never played 'keeper, by sending them to these weekly clinics, they may discover a new found love for the position. Every player may attend as many age appropriate sessions as they wish throughout the season. A key component of improvement in any sport is the amount of experience an athlete has playing the game. Along with the love of the game, these clinics will provide valued extra experience that will help your son or daughter take their game to the next level.

*Friday Night Under the Lights

Session 1: 5:30pm-6:30pm Union County Vo-Tech Field

For U9 Travel, U11 Sr. Rec, U10 Jr. Rec

Session 2: 6:30pm-7:30pm Union County Vo-Tech Field

U10 Travel player

*Tuesdays and Thursday Nights Under the Lights

Session 1: 5:30pm-6:30pm Union County Vo-Tech Field

For U13, U15, High School Sr. Rec. and U11+ Travel

** Advanced Sessions with Paul Blodgett and Mike Walch

Session 1: 8:00am-9:30am Union Catholic High School Turf

Dedicated Players Highlighted:
U13 and up

* Full or part time goalkeeper sessions
** Dedicated goalkeeper sessions

What should I bring?

Junior players (Friday Night) should bring a ball and plenty of water. There will be some light technical work, but there is no need for gloves.

Senior players should bring a ball, plenty of water, a goalkeeper jersey, and gloves.

Scotch Plains and Fanwood are soccer towns with great soccer at every level. And when your children become part of this, the excitement becomes electric.

We hope to see you there!