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***  The fastest and easiest way to know the current status of all SPF Soccer fields is to bookmark this page.  ***

The SPF Soccer Field Status Notification Process is a complex communication system between SPF Soccer and four public authorities we partner with on our fields.  The sole purpose of this system is to get accurate and timely SPF Soccer field status information to the players, parents, trainers, coaches and referees. We continue to work on improving communication around field status, and it is still a challenge, and here are some reasons why...

First, SPF Soccer does not own any fields.  Rather, we are permitted to use these fields by these public authorities:

    1. The Scotch Plains Parks and Recreation Department
    2. The Fanwood Parks and Recreation Department
    3. The Scotch Plains Fanwood Board of Education
    4. The Union County Parks and Recreation Department

Each of the above public entities have their own schedule and method for communicating field closures - including Facebook, email and by phone.

Further, we have our own network of volunteer spotters when we don't hear from these public entities in time to make a decision before the first game or practice (or in some cases at all).  Head spinning yet? That's just the beginning...

In regards to weather, we will cancel sessions in the following circumstances:
  • Very Heavy Rain
  • Lightning
  • Temperature - We will follow US Soccers heat guidelines and make decisions when temperatures are above 85 degrees depending on humidity.

Then, we sometimes close wet fields even after the rain stops in order to preserve the grass for future games.  Believe it or not, playing on a saturated field can do a lot of damage to a field that would affect play for the rest of the season.  We also take into account that some fields handle precipitation better than others (for example: Kramer Park has great drainage; Memorial Field is puddle-city in a drizzle). Plus, long grass on wet fields may increase injury risk for younger kids, but may be fine for the older ones.  Add the time factor - as the season progresses, some fields hold-up better than others, adding more difficulty in determining playability.  Of course, our turf fields hardly ever close.


Had enough? Wait... there's more...

We take all these factors, add a constantly changing weather forecast, add trainer contract obligations for minimum cancellation notification, and then try to determine the individual field status specific for each of our dozen-plus locations... and then try to communicate all of this to you by 7:00 AM on weekends and 3:00 PM on weekdays.

Please keep in mind - this is all done by volunteer members of our organization (who have families and jobs - and bosses wondering why their productivity sharply decreases on rainy days during soccer season... hmm!)

If you are on a Travel or a Senior Recreation Team, just because you see a notification that the field you are scheduled to play on is closed, this may not mean you are not playing.  You may still hear from your Parent Manager or Trainer as they may be trying to relocate your game (perhaps to your opponent's turf field or to another day altogether.)  

If you have suggestions on how to make this process easier, we'd like to hear them. In the meantime, here is the best way to understand the latest field status:

Step 1 - Bookmark this field status page: www.SPFSoccer.com/Fields.
Step 2 - Ensure Team Snap always contains an update email address.
Step 3 - Like our Facebook Page


***  The fastest and easiest way to know the current status of all SPF Soccer fields is to bookmark this page.  ***