Diamond Academy Overview

Registration for the 2024 - 2025 season of Diamond Academy is open. Registration options are full year only - both Fall and Spring Season. Please email questions to DiamondAcademy@SPFsoccer.com.

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Players with a 2018 & 2017 birth years can sign up for Diamond Academy U7 & U8, respectively, which includes two practices a week and a game on Saturday all led by an SPFSC trainer. Diamond Academy boys will train on Tuesday & Thursday and girls will train on Monday & Wednesday.

What is the Diamond Academy?
The Diamond Academy Program is a technically focused training program designed to prepare players for the next level of soccer. For the 2024-25 year, this includes players born in 2017 and 2018. All games in the U8 division will be 5v5, including a goalkeeper introduced for the first time, on a 30x40 field, with 6 x 12 goals. The U7 division games will be 4v4 without a goalie.  Games will be run by the trainers. This will provide better ratios for player’s time on the ball with the idea of continuous play. Players develop quicker as they are forced into a multitude of decision making moments in every practice and game. 

What is the difference between Diamond Academy and the Junior Recreation Program?
Diamond Academy is designed a bit more for a committed player, one that is likely to play more competitively when they reach the age for EP3 (Enhanced Player Pathway Program)/Travel or Senior Rec. There is always a trainer present at practices and games. The trainers take the curriculum material and provide the teachable moments for the players to execute their technical skills in the game situations.

What are the goals of the Diamond Academy? 
To prepare players better for the next level of soccer. The majority of players have gone seamlessly into more competitive programs (EP3/Travel) and the level of the SPFSC teams has increased exponentially.

What can I expect for my child from Diamond Academy?
A positive, dynamic learning environment where players are pushed to improve, but where they are encouraged to have fun at the same time. Your child will see a huge improvement in their technical ability as a result of the program.

If I participate in Diamond Academy, does that mean I am on the competitive pathway?
Technically, yes. The Diamond Program gives a head start to the technical development of the EP3/Travel player, however it does not guarantee placement in a team. There is also no commitment to staying on the EP3/Travel pathway after your time in Diamond Academy is complete.

If you have any questions about the Diamond Academy, please contact DiamondAcademy@SPFSoccer.com.



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