Diamond Academy Overview

Registration is open for Diamond Academy + 7v7 and for Diamond Academy+ 5v5 Festivals. These programs are IN ADDITION to your existing Diamond Academy registration.

Diamond Academy+ 7v7 (DA+ 7v7)

Returning this spring is the very popular DA+ 7v7 program. It is open to all existing Diamond Academy players who have interest. DA+ 7v7, in its third year, has been integral in the development of our players that want to make the step into Travel soccer for the Fall 2023. These games, in addition to the regular DA Saturday morning games, are played on a 7v7 field, with FIFA rules. Teams will be entered into MNJ league and will play 10 games over the course of the season with 7 games guaranteed.

This program has been extremely beneficial to all of the players moving from DA into Travel as it gives them the exposure to other teams, bigger fields, more players and, of course, more technical development due to more touches of the ball. Since the start of this program, we have seen participating players increase their technical, physical and tactical understanding of the game environment.

The cost of this program is $225 and will cover all trainer fees, referee fees and league fees for the Spring Season. There are no additional uniform costs as we will wear our regular DA uniforms for the games. Due to roster sizes, we can only take 22 players so please REGISTER ASAP to secure a spot. Please contact diamondacademy@spfsoccer.com if you have any questions.


Diamond Academy+ 5v5 Festivals (DA+ 5v5)

Also returning this spring is our DA+ 5v5 Festivals. This program is now open to our 2106 boys and girls players looking for extra touches during the Spring season. These Festivals will be in addition to the regular 5v5 games on Saturday mornings and gives our 2016/2015 players extra playing time against some of the local club teams in a developmental environment. Use of a smaller field means more touches on the ball and enhances the technical and physical attributes of players taking part. There will be around 10 Festivals scheduled and everyone who registers will be guaranteed participation in 7 throughout the season.

The cost of the program is $100 per player. There are no additional uniform costs as we will wear our regular DA uniforms for the games. Please diamondacademy@spfsoccer.com if you have any questions.


What is the Diamond Academy?
The Diamond Academy Program is a technically focused training program designed to prepare players for the next level of soccer.  For the 2022-23 year, this includes players born in 2015 and 2016.  All games in the U8 division will be 5v5 with a goalie on a 30x40 field, with 6 x 12 goals. The U7 division games will be 4v4 without a goalie.  Games will be run by the trainers. This will provide better ratios for player’s time on the ball with the idea of continuous play. Players develop quicker as they are forced into a multitude of decision making moments in every practice and game. The goalkeeper position is introduced for the first time at U8.

What is the difference between Diamond Academy and the Junior Recreation Program?
There is always a trainer present at practices and games. The trainers take the curriculum material and provide the teachable moments for the players to execute their technical skills in the game situations.

What are the goals of the Diamond Academy? 
To prepare players better for the next level of soccer. The majority of players have gone seamlessly into travel and the level of the travel teams has increased exponentially.

What can I expect for my child from Diamond Academy?
A positive, dynamic learning environment where players are pushed to improve, but where they are encouraged to have fun at the same time. Your child will see a huge improvement in their technical ability as a result of the program.

If I participate in Diamond Academy, does that mean I am on the travel pathway?
Technically, yes. The Diamond Program gives a head start to the technical development of the travel player, however it does not guarantee placement in a travel team. There is also no commitment to staying on the travel pathway after your time in Diamond is complete.

If you have any questions about the Diamond Academy, please contact DiamondAcademy@SPFSoccer.com.



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