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Scotch Plains Fanwood Soccer Club
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SPF Soccer Coaches

Dear SPF Soccer Coach,

I hope you had a wonderful holiday season and are enjoying your time off the soccer field.  You are receiving this email because you are someone who has sacrificed his or her time for our community and our kids. As you know, this organization only succeeds on the backs of volunteers like yourself, so I thank you for stepping up for our kids.

To this point, Public Law 115-126 is a federal mandate requiring all of those in a position of authority that interact with our children to complete a Sports Safety training.  In addition, in order to be compliant with New Jersey Youth Soccer and our insurance policies, you must complete a Background Check and a Concussion Training. This is not an optional request – this is required to be permitted on the field (for practices and games) in a coaching capacity, effective immediately.

I will be transparent here – the Concussion Training and SafeSport Training can take 2-3 hours to complete.  These will be completed on your computer (over the Internet).  Luckily, the sessions do not need to be completed in just one sitting - you can begin, stop, and pick up later as your time allows.

  • Please understand the importance of this mandate and that this is NO LONGER OPTIONAL.
  • We are asking each volunteer to kindly complete this by the END OF FEBRUARY.
  • You will not be permitted on the field in a coaching capacity – either for practice or games – if you have not completed this.

Thank you again for being a Volunteer.

See below to get started

Questions?  Please contact


Compliance Step-by-Step Instructions:

* PLEASE NOTE: When you click the link below, the Registration process will open in a new tab.  You will need to toggle back and forth with this page to follow the instructions. 

* NEED HELP?  If you are having trouble and want help, you may call Frank Conley on his cell phone: 201.572.2536.  You may also contact



1. Click here to Registrar with Stack Sports (first time users)
Click here to Login to Stack Sports (returning users)




2. Fill out all pertinent information to create a Stack Sports Account using the same email and information used to volunteer as coach. Then click "Create my Stack Sports Account" button.

Note: Password requires at least:

  • Minimum 8 characters
  • At least 1 upper case
  • At least 1 lower case
  • At least 1 special character
3. Enter personal information, and click ‘Sign in’
4. Click ‘Register Now’ button
5. Click ‘Register Now’ next to “NJYS 2019-2020 Season – REC COACHES”
6. Select the radio button next to your name, and then click ‘Add Registration for Selected Person’
7. Select the radio button for the program you coach per the below, and click ‘Continue to Registrant Information’
If you coach Junior Recreation Only, select “Junior Recreation Coaches"
If you coach Diamond Academy Only, select “Junior Recreation Coaches”
If you coach Junior Recreation and Diamond Academy, select “Junior Recreation Coaches”
If you coach Senior Recreation Only, select “Senior Recreation Coaches"
If you coach Senior Recreation and Junior Recreation or Diamond Academy, select “Senior Recreation Coaches”


8. Enter all data as requested.


9. For Coaching position, choose "Recreation Coach"


10. For USSF License, enter the appropriate license/certification you have. If you do not have a coaching license/certification, please select “State Certificate (formerly NJYS F)
11. Click on links for "Check box after reading Concussion Protocol" and "Protecting Young Victims from Sexual Abuse" and click checkboxes when complete


12. Click "Continue to Photos" button


13. Click "Choose File" to select file and upload picture


14. Click "Continue to Waivers"


15. Provide Authorization for Background check and click "Next Waiver"
16. Acknowledge completion of Concussion Training and click "Next Waiver"


17. Acknowledge ownership of coaching license/certificate and click "Continue to Review" (as we are not Travel coaches, the license is optional, and you can click ‘Continue to Review’


18. Review and click "Confirm Registration"


19. Now that you have registered with NJYS, your background check will begin.  This will take a few days.



20. You will now work from your Member Account Page, that looks similar to this:

21. You must now complete your Concussion Awareness and Abuse Prevention Training.
Most users can click on the Learn More and Begin Training buttons and will be able to complete the courses.  However Unfortunately, some users are having technical difficulty doing this.  We apologize for this.  We do not own this website.
If you are having problems, NJYS has provided an alternate website to complete these certifications:  Click here and take these 2 courses:
---------- Concussion Courses - Concussion in Sports
---------- Protecting Students from Abuse


If you are still having trouble, you can watch this short video.
If you are still having trouble, you may email
If you have thoughts of throwing your computer out the window, take a deep breath... then call Frank Conley, and he'll try to help:  201.572.2536
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