The SPFSC is pleased to make available the opportunity for adults to participate in friendly soccer games on Sunday mornings.

Mission Statement

To provide an enjoyable, safe, competitive, recreational soccer experience for Scotch Plains & Fanwood adults, as well as guests invited to play by in-town residents.

Membership Eligibility

Primary membership is intended for current and former Adult residents (18 years or older) of Scotch Plains and Fanwood who are current or former members of the SPFSC as coaches, players, parents or volunteers. Verification of eligibility can be requested at any time.Guest membership is intended is intended for friends and family of Primary members, by invitation only. Any guest members under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult holding primary membership.

SPFSC Sunday Run may be preempted for usage by SPFSC core programs, as required. SPFSC core programs include the travel program, SYSL, and camps. Game play starts at 8am every Sunday generally at Southside Field. Players must arrive by 7:45am to ensure that play begins at 8am.

Proof of Registration

All players must be wearing an SPFSC issued jersey with the 2019 registration patch. - Players who registered for the 2018 season will be issued two 2019 patches to be ironed on to their existing blue and white jerseys- New players who have not previously registered will be issued a blue jersey and a white jersey, along with two 2019 patches to be ironed on to their new jerseys.

Code of Conduct

The purpose of the program is to provide a structured, recreational opportunity for registered adult SPFSC members to enjoy the “beautiful game.” - - -

Members are expected to abide by the program Code of Conduct:
- The program is intended for league members only special guest members are permissible under defined circumstances.
- No slide tackles, fighting or other play that is dangerous or violent.
- The goal is to have fun and get everyone to work with no injury on Monday morning.
- No throw ins (play the ball from the ground when it goes out).
- Offside, fouls and other rules are enforced by the players on the field. Use your judgement in calling these.
- Remember we are there to play and have fun.
- A commissioner will determine format of play based on number of players that show up.
- The league will appoint representative to manage the above rules.
- Those not following will be asked not to play.